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5 Essential Oils to Help You Detox

5 Essential Oils to Help You Detox

Our list of 5 Essential Oils to Help You Detox Before the Cold Season Hits

Cold season is just around the corner, and you need all you can to detox! Here's our guide on the best essential oils to detox you and your family.

You've heard that your body is a temple. In fact, in many ancient cultures, that temple was a sacred and clean space to connect with the spiritual.

Yet, in the world of health and body knowledge, there's been a lot of noise about what it takes to clean and purify your temple.

Remember those foot-pads that were popular a few years ago? Stick them on your feet, walk around on them all day, and then take them off.

Look! All the toxins came out and they're there! See the stains on the pads! And then, the next week you wear your white socks all day and the same stains show up, sans foot-pads.

Despite all of the junk “knowledge” out on the internet and in the world today, there are actually some great techniques to detoxification you can use that will actually give you some results. And one of those is the use of essential oils.

Excellent Ways to Detox Using Essential Oils

The effects of Aromatherapy vary widely, but with the right combination of oils and a diffuser, you will find yourself either energized or completely relaxed and ready to rest.

An extremely important aspect of detoxification is sleep. If you are doing a cleanse, you're putting your body through the ringer.

Your kidneys are working overtime to filter that extra water and your mind is fatigued because you've been relying on so many artificial foods.

A lavender, labdanum, or chamomile oil might be the perfect thing to calm your mind before drifting off to restorative sleep.

You might feel fatigued during the day with whatever detoxification method you have chosen. Many people choose to wear their essential oils throughout the day.

But wearing your essential oils on the skin runs the risk of staining your clothes, or even an allergic reaction.

Jewelry Diffusers to the Rescue

And while there is nothing wrong with wearing essential oils on your skin (some might have positive effects through absorption), why not consider our essential oils jewelry as a safe and fashionable alternative to direct skin application?

What's more, you can be fashionable while you bring your essential oils along with you into your day.

Need some energy during your day because detox has you down? Why not grab some Thyme and Tangerine oils and place them in your diffuser necklace?

Outside of aromatherapy, you could add oils to your bath to help with joint inflammation from your tired day, or put a little bit of oil in your water bottle to aid with digestion.

That said, cold season is just around the corner. That's why we're going to use this post to focus on the best essential oils for detoxification.

1. Essential Oils for Detox: Peppermint Oil

Have you ever made a fresh pot of peppermint herbal tea, poured the hot water into your mug, and then just stood there with your nose over the cup inhaling the wonderfully sweet, invigorating scent?

Imagine taking this scent with you wherever you go.

For thousands of years, herbalists used peppermint to boost cognitive function. You can also use it when under the spell of a nasty cold as it aids in respiration and digestion.

Even some breastfeeding mothers have reported that peppermint oil reduces the tenderness of their nipples.

2. Essential Oils for Detox: Lemon Oil

lemon-essential-oil-for-detoxDid your grandma make you a hot toddy when you were a kid and then, as she poured a drop of whiskey in, not to tell your mom?

The whiskey in a hot toddy is only meant to make you feel the pain of your cold a little less, but it's the honey and lemon in the hot toddy that's of greatest benefit, as the honey coats your throat and the lemon boosts your immunity.

As with the lemon in a hot toddy, so the lemon oil in your diffuser aids in your immunity with added benefit of making you smell lemony fresh.

And when added to your drinking water, it can benefit your health every day.

3. Essential Oils for Detox: Grapefruit

Grapefruit, like lemon, is another common citrus smell. It reminds me of freshly waxed floors, summertime mate infusions, and candy shops.

But in cleansing the body, it acts a diuretic, helping flush away all those nasty toxins in your blood.

4. Essential Oils for Detox: Laurel Oil

Remember what I said about your body being a temple? Well, coincidentally, the greeks believed that those doused with Laurel oil would be showered with the gifts of divination and prophecy.

I can't speak to the spiritual when it comes to Laurel oil, but I can speak to its possible use as a diuretic, expectorant, and carminative (reducing flatulence).

5. Essential Oils for Detox: Lavender Oil

Just the thought of strolling through flowing fields of royal purple flowers on lean green stalks instills peace in my mind.

If you've ever been to a lavender farm, you know this wonderful sensation.

Lavender oil itself has several wonderful attributed qualities.

Mix lavender oil with Epsom salt in a hot bath and soak yourself calm. Many say lavender removes exhausted nervousness, increases mental activity and helps with pain relief.

Place some lavender oil in one of our AromaRain Active Wear Diffuser Bracelets before you go to bed, and you'll sleep like a queen lounging in her high palace.


However you use essential oils, it's always a good idea to do some research and make sure you're using the right oils for the right occasions.

This blog post, of course, isn't an exhaustive list of oils you can use to aid in detoxification, but our diffusers will bring ease and simplicity to your process.


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