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Colloidal Silver for Acne

Colloidal Silver for Acne

Colloidal silver has been a popular option for helping to deal with acne, but there's a much better alternative that's also much more effective called structured silver water.

Structured silver water is a much more advanced silver than colloidal silver and is safer to use for acne, rashes and skin blemishes and also well known for it's overall well-being for curing bad bacteria in the gut of which many times can lead to the issues with skin.

Structured silver is known for destroying many of these types of bacteria including viruses, fungus, yeast and other harmful pathogens.

Watch the video below to hear martial arts champion Rigan Machado talk about the effects of structured silver on the body.

History has shown that using colloidal silver for acne can cause a build-up of silver in your body which can lead to health conditions.  Structured silver water does not have this same effect and does not build up in the body but rather passes through once it's done its job.

New technology has recently discovered that structured silver water can even kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria including staph infection, e-coli, salmonella, and strep throat within 5 minutes (watch the video on this page for proof).

Here's what Dr. Woods said about structured silver:

“My patients used silver for their ear, eye, sinus, and throat infections and were shocked by how quickly they felt better. They also used structured¬†silver as a topical gel for their acne, nail fungus, psoriasis, and eczema, and were startled by how quickly their skin cleared up

And most importantly, my patients used silver for their inflamed guts, and were thrilled when they saw noticeable improvements to their health.”

Want to learn more about structured silver and how it can be a better alternative than using colloidal silver for acne?

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