Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

Essential Oil Affiliate Programs

If you're searching for the best essential oil affiliate program or aromatherapy affiliate program, we've got you covered!

If you have a website or blog that's related to health, wellness, aromatherapy, or organic products then you have an opportunity to share with your readers products from other companies and earn commissions.

We promote essential oils from many different companies then analyze all the data to find out what companies convert the best and makes our customers happy while returning for more resulting in recurring commissions.

Essential Oil Affiliate Program – What to Look For?

With so many new essential oil companies starting and offering affiliate programs, it can be a challenge to find one that offers the following:

  • Great Affiliate Support and Training
  • High Quality Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Products
  • Good Commissions
  • Affiliate Assets For Marketing
  • Product Samples For Reviews and Testing
  • Awesome Communication and Updates
  • Reliable Tracking and Custom Affiliate Links
  • Constant Coupons and Promotions
  • 45+ Day Tracking Cookie
  • …and more.

With that said, the one essential oil company we recommend over any other that offers the best essential oil affiliate program and includes all the benefits from above is Rocky Mountain Oils.

If you should decide to join Rocky Mountain Oils, be sure to let them know that AromaRain referred you to get a better chance of being accepted.

essential oil affiliate signupWe just discovered on 10/3/2017 that some affiliates for RMO are earning over $10,000+ a month on affiliate commissions based on a direct conversation I had with the affiliate manager!

While we recommend RMO over any other affiliate program, there are many others.  Our results with these other companies are not near as good as RMO either due to lack of quality, support, communication with their customers..etc.

Essential Oil Affiliate Programs List

  • Rocky Mountain Oils – Affiliate Page
  • Barefut Affiliate Program – Affiliate Page
  • Mountain Rose Herbs Affiliate Program – Closed
  • Jade Bloom Affiliate Program
  • Plant Therapy Affiliate Program
  • doTerra Affiliate Program (MLM)
  • Young Living Affiliate Program (MLM)
  • Bulk Apothecary Affiliate Program
  • Plant Therapy Affiliate Program

There are other essential oil referrer programs, but these are the most popular companies to buy from.

Many aromatherapy companies such such as Young Living and doTerra don't offer an affiliate program, instead they offer what's called a Multi-Level Marketing system that's based more on “one-on-one” sharing with others.

Take Caution When Choosing Affiliate Programs

There are many things you have to consider when promoting another companies products and if you get it wrong, you may not see many commissions at all.

One thing we look for more than any other is the quality of the product and repeat customers buying.  If the product is good and the customer keeps returning to buy then you know you found a good essential oil product.

Affiliate support is also HUGE.  If you have questions or issues with commissions and payments, it's important you are able to talk to someone.  Many companies don't offer a dedicated affiliate manager, but Rocky Mountain Oils does.

Just because one affiliate program may offer a higher affiliate commission does not mean it's better.  Don't let the $$ cause you to make a wrong decision.