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If you were to buy an essential oil diffuser 3 years ago it would be an easy choice as there were not many available.  Today, there are literally hundreds of different brands, models and styles.  So if you are looking to buy an aromatherapy diffuser, what do you look for and how much should one really cost?

For several months we sold electric and USB essential oil diffusers on Amazon and on our website so we know a lot about buying them as well as selling them.  We decided shortly after to focus primarily on essential oil jewelry and therefore no longer sell them but we can give you some inside tips.

Read below to learn some of our inside information we were shocked to discover when we sold oil diffusers last year.


It's easy to find an essential oil diffuser on Amazon for $20 and see the exact same one from another seller for $40.  Don't be fooled as there is usually no difference in quality.  Many sellers on Amazon buy diffusers in bulk giving them a huge discount allowing them to sell much cheaper.  They might be able to buy a diffuser for $8 because they ordered 1,000 units while the other seller may have to pay $20 for the diffuser because they only bought 10 units.

On average, a very nice essential oil diffuser should cost between $20 and $40 depending on it's size and features.  Although we love essential oils from Young Living and doTERRA, the prices they charge for their diffusers are ridiculous.  We can say the same for many other places online as well as Amazon.


This is a big one and allows sellers to drastically increase the price on the ultrasonic essential oil diffusers.  Sure, it's nice to have the colorful rotating lights and the timers that can be set so your diffuser will run all night or for a selected amount of time, but now we see oil diffusers that have built in clocks, speakers and blue-tooth all controlled by a remote.  While these features may seem like they are something we would like to have, they are in fact extra options just to set them apart and double the cost of the diffuser.

Our recommendation is when looking for the best essential oil diffuser for your home, bedroom, travel or office is to find one that has the options for a light and a timer to control how long it runs and that's it.  Use the extra money for another bottle of your favorite essential oils.

Young Living Ultrasonic Diffuser


Searching for an ultrasonic diffuser on Amazon is quite easy to do as they have hundreds to choose from as well as a 30 day refund.  Even with that in mind, we recommend you do a little research and read the essential oil diffuser reviews first.  Take note of the “fake” or “promoted” reviews which are very common.  Customers may be contacted by the seller to leave a review.  In exchange the seller will either give them the diffuser for free or highly discounted.  Because of this, the customer is encouraged or feels obligated to leave a positive review regardless if they like the product or not.

These reviews are easy to identify as Amazon requires the customer to leave a comment in their review stating they received the item discounted or for free in exchange for their review.


While Amazon can be an easy place to pay more than you should for items, it's also the best place to go online to find the best deals on items as long as you know what to look for.  When paired with 30 day return policy, you really can't go wrong.  So whether you're looking for an electric diffuser, ceramic diffuser, travel diffuser or any other, you will find hundreds here on Amazon.