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Essential Oils For Arthritis and Inflammation

Essential Oils For Arthritis and Inflammation

Using essential oils for Arthritis and inflammation is quickly becoming a safe and effective alternative to medication.  Read on to learn why.

Dealing with the pain and inflammation from Arthritis is a difficult daily experience for many people.   In fact, it's said that around 350 million people worldwide suffer from Arthritis; that is almost the same number as the entire United State's population. Over half of these people are under the age of 65.

If you are one of these 350 million people, you should consider all of your treatment options. Many medications and treatments are expensive and can cause some nasty side effects.

Alternatively, you may want to try out some top essential oils for Arthritis treatment.  Essential oils are great for creating stimulating scents and effective, natural pain relief.

Arthritis & Aromatherapy

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When treating conditions like Arthritis, many people opt for alternative medicines and treatments. These can offer effective, natural results without the use of drugs and procedures with nasty side effects. If you suffer from Arthritis, you may have considered or used an alternative treatment yourself.

Many people, up to 40% of Americans, use some kind of alternative treatment when dealing with medical conditions like Arthritis and inflammation of muscles.

Aromatherapy uses scented oils for therapeutic purposes. It uses certain smells and sensations created by the oils to relieve pain and promote a good, long lasting experience.

Aromatherapy through essential oils is often preferred as an ongoing treatment for Arthritis because of its pain management benefits. Aromatherapy often has secondary benefits as well. It can promote relaxation and mental rejuvenation which will keep your mind healthy while you manage your Arthritis.

Compared to other drugs and medical treatments, aromatherapy is also safe and free of side effects for most people. If you are careful to use the oils properly and you don't have an allergy to a particular oil, you can use aromatherapy as a supplemental treatment option without worry.

Best Essential Oils for Arthritis

essential oil blends arthritisThere are many different essential oils for Arthritis treatment you can choose from and try. Some oils will help more with pain relief while others will get you more relaxed.

Many of these oils are frequently available and easy to buy.  While everyone may react a bit differently to the effects of essential oils, we have experienced significant results using doTERRA's Deep Blue oil blend of products which can be purchased from doTERRA through Amazon here.

Keep in mind, a lot of essential oils may be too strong to be used directly. In this case, you can dilute the oil with another oil like coconut or olive oil.

Here are a few of the essential oils we recommend to help with Arthritis and inflammation.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint leaves and oil are common in alternative medicine. Peppermint oil can also be found in soaps and other fragrances due to its pleasant smell and feel.

When treating the symptoms of Arthritis, peppermint oil can effectively relieve pain and inflammation. Peppermint contains I-menthol which acts as a natural anesthetic and anti-irritant agent.

Mixing peppermint oil with a carrier oil is especially important since peppermint can be strong and pungent.

Eucalyptus Oil

Extracted from eucalyptus leaves from Australia, eucalyptus oil is common in many medicines and skin treatments. One of its key ingredients, Eucalyptol, is great for the anti-inflammation for aching joints.

You can rub some diluted eucalyptus oil directly on the skin for immediate pain relief. Some people also enjoy the smell of eucalyptus when applied as a scent.

Make sure to test a small area of your skin to make sure you aren't allergic to the oil before major use.

Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is common in natural painkillers due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil works at the cellular level to relieve pain by rapidly affecting the nerve pathways that create the sensation of pain.

Ginger oil has a pleasant smell and is often used as a scented oil in aromatherapy. When it applied to the skin, it may cause a slight burning sensation, but the oil is completely safe.

Try using just a couple drops at a time if you've never used ginger oil before.

Citrus Oil

Citrus oil, extracted from a variety of citrus fruits, is a great oil to feel recharged. The oil works in a similar way to smelling salts. It acts as a mild irritant which wakes your mind and body up.

You can use citrus oil diluted in a carrier oil with a diffuser necklace to create a wonderful scented experience. You can also rub the diluted oil on the back of your hand for a temporary aromatic experience if you need a quick boost of energy.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is a common culinary ingredient extracted from plants in the Mediterranean. The oil offers similar pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits as other essential oils.

You can apply rosemary oil directly on achy joints if you use a carrier oil. It is also safe for oral consumption, meaning you can use it in your cooking or even as a mouthwash.

As with other oils, be sure to test a couple drops on your skin before major use.

How to Use Essential Oils for Arthritis

Aromatherapy uses essential oils in a variety of ways to promote its natural benefits. You can try out any of these different approaches to see which option you prefer.

For topical use, we recommend diluting with a carrier oil.  If you choose to take essential oils internally, make sure you're buy from a high quality essential oil company.

Inhalation: Using a diffuser, you can vaporize the essential oil to inhale it. In general, this form of aromatherapy is great for dealing with respiratory issues and for promoting relaxation.

Use the essential oil sparingly (no more than 5-10 drops).

Topical Application: Essential oils often make great anti-inflammatory agents if you rub a diluted solution on achy joints and body parts.

Making It Work

Finding which essential oils and aromatherapy methods work for you can take some trial and error. Feel free to experiment with different oils to see which scents and sensations you prefer. You can even mix and match by applying different oils to different body parts or by using a combination of scents.

If you would like more help with finding the right essential oils for Arthritis, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to offer our recommendations.


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