Where To Buy Essential Oils

Buy Essential OilsThat big picture at the top of this page is some of our essential oils from MANY different companies over past few years so we can tell you from experience what oils work best.  Below, we have compiled a list of places to buy essential oils and our personal recommendations as well as essential oil coupons, discounts and special promotions that can save you up to 50%.

The number one question we get asked is:  Are there differences in quality of essential oils?

Answer: Without a doubt, the answer is YES.

There is a HUGE difference in quality of essential oils.  We never recommend buying cheap essential oils from Amazon.  We learned that many sellers refill name brand essential oil bottles such as Young Living and doTERRA with cheap oils and add a new cap to the bottle.  You get cheap oils and pay a fortune for them!

Buy High Quality Discount Essential Oils

Find some amazing essential oil coupons and promotions on the selected websites below.  These are our recommended choices when it comes to buying high quality essential oils at an affordable price.

  • Rocky Mountain Oils

    ( Our #1 recommended essential oil company.  While not a MLM company, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils provides excellent quality essential oils at a more affordable price than Young Living and doTERRA.  Testing results have proven the effectiveness of RMOils is superior to both Young Living and doTERRA.  Rocky Mountain oil coupon codes are frequently available. Visit the link to see currently discounts.

  • Barefut

    ( Barefut is our 2nd recommended selection for essential oils if you're on a tight budget yet still want decent quality.  Barefut coupons are frequently available.

  • JadeBloom

    ( Even more affordable is JadeBloom.  With a nice selection of commonly used essential oils, you will save a bundle here.  Jade Bloom coupons are available often.

  • Bulk Apothecary

    ( Great quality, cheap price.  Also available in bulk with packing supplies and alternative blends to large MLM companies.  Bulk Apothecary coupon codes and discounts are offered very frequently.

  • Plant Therapy

    ( Plant Therapy has a great selection of essential oils at an affordable price.  While decent quality, the prices are very reasonable.  Plant Therapy coupon codes and special offers are frequently offered on their website.

  • doTERRA

    ( doTERRA is a MLM company that offers superior quality essential oils.  While the cost is higher than many, you can expect greater benefits.

  • Young Living

    ( Young Living is another MLM company that offers superior quality essential oils and a massive selection.  While the cost is higher than many, you can expect greater benefits.

Buying Your Essential Oils Online

Buying essential oils does not have to be a difficult task although knowing the places that sell the best essential oils can be a challenge to find which is why we done all the hard work for you.  We have compiled a small list of essential oil companies that offer high quality essential oils with frequent coupon offers and other promotions to give you an affordable oil with great benefits.

We also don't recommend buying essential oils near you locally at Wal-mart, Target or any other local department store as they tend to be very poor quality.  In fact, most of them are perfume grade quality and we don't recommend even using them topically due to the lack of quality and possibility of chemicals added.

A few companies such as Young Living and doTERRA  and other newcomers offer high quality oils along with a MLM and discount program that can actually save you a lot of money.  A MLM or multi-level marketing program gives you the option to join a local group of essential oil users to build business sharing essential oils with others.  This can be very rewarding if you are highly committed and motivated, otherwise, you may lose out.  To earn rewards, bonuses and additional discounts, you normally are required to spend a certain amount every month on essential oils.

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