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Fight Loneliness with Essential Oils

Fight Loneliness with Essential Oils

It's ironic that the human population is at its peak today and yet it's so easy to feel loneliness. And when it hits you, loneliness can spiral out of control, making you suffer from issues like social anxiety, stress, and even depression.

If you're suffering from loneliness, know that it doesn't have to stay. You can fight back against loneliness using many methods, including essential oils in aromatherapy.

If not acted on immediately, loneliness can take over your whole life. It can make you withdraw from everyone you know and love and it can make you feel depressed. When that happens, you become a bad hire. Employers will not want to work with you. Your job right now will be in jeopardy, if it already is not. But, don't worry. Aromatherapy with essential oils can help fix that.

The internet is the main culprit why it's so easy for people to become introverted and lonely as a result. Even worse, people are taught at an early age to hold in their emotions. While it's an integral part of acting as a professional, holding in emotions too much is not healthy. It can result in depression, among many other things.

Using essential oils can help give you a means of release for such feelings, and at the very least, give you a chance to relax.

Majoram Sweet and Rosemary are two of the most powerful essential oils in aromatherapy used to battle against loneliness and help users fight back against the crippling effects of depression in their lives.

Each one is potent enough already, but for best results, both have to be used together. You can use them either in the office or at home, but preferably both so it doesn’t take long to relieve yourself of all that unnecessary stress, worry, and loneliness.

Marjoram Sweet

Give yourself a sense of comfort and soothe your anxiety by using a few drops of Marjoram Sweet at night or during the day at the office. For years, this herb has been used in herbal medicine and sometimes in food.

It's believed to be a mood enhancer and has been shown to curb loneliness, as well as depression. The warm and sweet fragrance is also extremely useful for muscle and joint aches accumulated from a long day at work.


You're probably not ignorant of the many benefits of using rosemary. You probably use it on some of your dishes. But did you know that it's also useful against loneliness? A few drops of rosemary essential oil will be great for your memory and help you remember all the good times in the middle of all the ups and downs brought upon by the daily stresses of life that can lead to feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Just like marjoram sweet, you can use rosemary to make your tired and aching muscles feel a few years younger. Your emotions will thank you for using these essential oils, especially if you use them together.

Don't let loneliness win. Fight against it. Sure, it's not easy. It can feel like an uphill battle at times and there are days when you feel like just giving up. But don't. Instead, use these essential oils are your weapon of choice at your home and office. Your life will be all the better for it.


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