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How to Get Rid of Acne With Essential Oils

How to Get Rid of Acne With Essential Oils

Most people use essential oils for the benefit of their minds, but did you know that they're also extremely useful for your skin? Yes, literally, your skin.

You can eliminate acne and keep your skin blemish free by using essential oils. Your skin reacts to a lot of things, changes in the environment, stress, and oil build up, among others.

Using Essential Oils Topically For Acne

Applying essential oils directly to your skin can help change that. No longer do you need to use medication just to solve your acne problems. With essential oils, you can clear your skin of acne the natural way and without any side effects.

Don't worry. Essential oils are not other types of oil. They will not clog your pores because they are not greasy. In fact, their effect is quite the opposite. The main reason why essential oils are great for acne is because they help unclog your pores and remove any buildup.

There's a huge chance that you're probably already using essential oils. You might not just know it yet. Manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty products often use small traces of essential oils as ingredients for their products. You can check the back of the products you're using if you want. But still, nothing beats the original. There are a lot of benefits to be had for using essential oils as part of your beauty routine.

You can dissolve essential oils in cream or oil and use it as a natural moisturizer. Just a few small drops are great against breakouts of acne. Using the oil brings oxygen and various essential nutrients to your skin to rid it of any blemishes.

Below, you'll find some of the most popular essential oils used to fight off acne.

Clary Sage

Extracted from plants that have plenty of similarities to our hormones, Clary Sage is an excellent cure for acne that was brought by hormonal imbalance. It can act as a neutralizer that helps balances out the user's hormones to cure breakouts and prevent them from happening.


Unlike clary sage, eucalyptus is much more effective against blackheads. Its cleansing effect makes it extremely effective in removing dirt and oil buildup to leave your skin clear.


The all-purpose essential oil, Lavender is good, not just for acne treatment, but also for improving your mood and relieving stress. This combination of benefits makes lavender extremely good because when you're not as stressed and anxious, acne will not show up as much on your skin.


Use lemon essential oil to restore the natural balance of your skin and refresh your mental health. A few drops can help clear up acne outbreaks and continued use can keep your skin blemish-free. Just try not to go out in the sun too much after using lemon, though, or else you risk some slight skin discoloration.


You've probably read about myrrh as an essential oil used by ancient people to treat sores and scares. Well, apparently, because of its anti-bacterial properties, it's just as effective against recurring acne breakouts and rashes.


Patchouly essential oil is essential a cure-all for all kinds of skin maladies. Acne breakouts? Don't worry. patchouly is good for it. Have rashes? Just apply some patchouly to it. It's even good for light wounds and scarring.

The best part? It smells so good that you'll feel calmer the moment it's applied to you.  Want an alternative method for healing acne fast?  Read this post on using colloidal silver for acne.


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