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Diffuser Necklace Quality Standards

It is the goal of AromaRain® that once you read through the information below, you will better understand the difference in quality of essential oil jewelry that we sell.  AromaRain® is not just a business that sells diffuser jewelry, we are a family-owned Christian business who uses essential oils daily and understands the benefits of aromatherapy and the importance of having them near you when you need them.

Understanding the Quality of Diffuser Jewelry

Selling products online is easy for anyone to do these days even for manufacturing companies overseas.  The problem with this is the essential oil jewelry industry is getting flooded with cheap made diffuser necklaces being sold at premium prices without the consumers knowledge.

The majority of aromatherapy jewelry being sold online is purchased in bulk from manufacturers overseas who take advantage of online sellers that don't understand metals and quality like we do at AromaRain®.  You have probably noticed that most of the essential oil necklaces you see online are the same ones being sold on many other websites while the majority of the jewelry we sell is different.   This is because we have ours custom made.

What Makes Our Diffuser Necklaces Different?

Essential oil jewelry is commonly made from several different types of metals including:

  • Brass
  • Zinc Alloy (usually contains nickel, copper and/or brass)
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

Breeze Diffuser NecklaceOur premium line of round lockets such as our Breeze necklace is made from true 316L surgical stainless steel.  Stainless steel will rarely tarnish, won't corrode over time even when used with premium quality essential oils and is scratch resistant.  They are lead free, nickel free and cadmium free making them hypo-allergenic and perfect for those who have sensitive skin.  316L stainless steel is more expensive than many other types of metals and is the recommended choice by most due to price and quality.

Although zinc alloy, nickel, copper and brass metals can be used for essential oil jewelry, they are a much cheaper quality, can cause skin irritations, can turn your skin green (especially with essential oils) and will break down faster over time.  As a nickel alloy sits against the skin, the natural sweat and oils from the skin oxidize the metal. As a result of the oxidation, a thin layer of nickel salts form on top of the jewelry. Those nickel salts irritate the skin and cause the allergic dermatitis that are characteristic of a metal allergy.

For people who are sensitive to metals, these should not be used and if they are, it's recommended to buy them plated with rhodium.  Rhodium is a high quality precious metal that is hypo-allergenic and very shiny such as our Vintage Love Hope Faith Locket.  If you are sensitive to metals, avoid jewelry plated in silver as it usually contains small amounts of nickel.

When in doubt, we suggest spending a little more and buying stainless steel to prevent skin irritations and for better durability.

Our Custom Designs

We designed our surgical stainless steel lockets for essential oil users.  Below is an image that explains a big difference in our lockets compared to most others being sold.

A Note About Deceiving Customers With Fake Reviews

A big issue especially on Amazon.com is sellers will continually discount or even give away their items in exchange for that customer to leave them a positive review on Amazon deceiving consumers in believing what the true quality of the item really is.  Our reviews on Amazon are from real customers who were not bribed into leaving a positive review.  We may occasionally discount a newly released item for a couple days to our customers and ask for a review, but we NEVER pay for reviews or give away items in exchange for asking the customer to leave a positive review even if they're not satisfied.

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