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Rocky Mountain Oils Tohi Supplements

Rocky Mountain Oils Tohi Supplements

Rocky Mountain Oils has just released a new line of supplements called Tohi Supplements.

See them here: http://www.rockymountainoils.com/tohi

What are RMO Tohi supplements? They are supplements that are combined with trace amounts of essential oils to synergistically enhance the benefits of each ingredient.

Let's look at each Tohi product in more detail.

Tohi Nourish Multivitamin Supplement

Tohi Nourish SupplementsTohi’s Nourish Multivitamin Supplement supplies the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants your body craves for optimal wellness but may not receive from even the most well-balanced diet.

Combined into one powerful supplement, the super nutrients in Nourish may help lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, fight free radicals, strengthen bones, aid in weight loss, improve memory and support heart health.


Tohi Burst Natural Energy Supplement

Tohi Burst SupplementWhen you're feeling drained and don't want to settle for another cup of coffee, reach for Burst.

RMO's Tohi Burst supplement, the natural energy supplement from our Tohi line, combines powerful natural energy sources to balance hormones, boost cardiovascular and circulatory health, enhance concentration, eliminate chronic stress and support weight loss while helping you overcome fatigue.

This natural energy supplement also promotes overall immune health and may aid in combating depressive moods, sleep disorders and an unbalanced diet.

Tohi Enhance Optimum Omega Supplement

Tohi Enhance SupplementTohi’s’ Enhance Ultimate Omega Supplement combines a rare combination of Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and Vitamins D and E in one serving; making up for deficiencies caused by diet, lifestyle, and environment while enhancing the effects of your other Tohi supplements.

The omegas in Enhance also help strengthen hair and nails, relieve symptoms of depression and detoxify your system. Enriching your nutritional regimen with Enhance may lead to increased blood circulation, enhanced cardiovascular health, and better skin hydration.

Tohi Defend Immunity Supplement

Contains Rocky Mountain Oils’ Sacred ImmuneTohi Defend Supplement Strength Blend

Tohi’s Defend Immunity Supplement empowers your immune system and protects your body from various environmental and seasonal threats.

RMO's Tohi Defend also helps you recover faster and guards you against new threats during times of sickness while improving overall vitality and enhancing stamina. Defend may help bolster immune functions and protects your brain, eyes, and vision.

Tohi Replenish Probiotic Supplement

Tohi Replenish Probiotic SupplementRocky Mountain Oils Probiotic Supplement

Tohi’s Replenish Probiotic Supplement introduces gut-friendly bacteria to your digestive system to keep things running smoothly.

It also promotes optimal mental and physical wellness while helping you lose stubborn belly fat.

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