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Rocky Mountain Oils Unwind Review

Rocky Mountain Oils Unwind Review

Rocky Mountain Oils Unwind essential oil blend is a refreshing mix of Lime, Copaiba, Cedarwood and Vanilla.  The smell is absolutely amazing.  RMO Unwind's essential oil will calm the heart and invigorate the soul.  Now's the time to let go of pain and invite serenity into your life.

See it here on Rocky Mountain Oils website: www.rockymountainoils.com

Many essential oil blends contain citrus oils such as Lime.  Citrus essentials should not be applied topically before going into the sun because they are phototoxic.  But Rocky Mountain's Unwind is different.  The Lime is steam-distilled so it's not phototoxic and is safe to apply topically before sun exposure.  This makes it the perfect calming and relaxing blend to be worn anytime of day, inside or outside.

Rocky Mountain Oils Unwind Quality

There's a couple things that we really love about RMO.  First, is that they are not a MLM company.  Second, they invest in premium quality essential oils and want to ensure their customers only have the best available.  As current users of Young Living and doTERRA oils, we know what to expect when it comes to quality and RMO doesn't slack anywhere.

When smelling Unwind, I'm immediately overwhelmed with a variety of aroma that can quickly be identified as Lime and Vanilla.  Two of my favorites scents!  There's also a hint of Lavender but it's not overpowering.  The Copaiba and Cedarwood give it earthly tones that really makes the smell just perfect and relaxing.

And remember, you can always enter the 6 digit code on the bottom of your essential oil bottle from RMO here on their website to view the GC/MS results from your batch.


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