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On our website you will find a variety of premium quality 316L surgical stainless steel essential oil diffuser necklaces.  Our quality of stainless steel is unsurpassed and will not corrode or rust over time with the constant use of essential oils.

Why Choose Stainless Steel for Essential Oil Jewelry?

Essential Oil Diffuser LocketWhen buying essential oil lockets, pendants, etc., it's important you know who you're buying from and the quality of product you're getting.  Many types of metals don't react well with essential oils which is why many prefer stainless steel.  Even with stainless steel, there are many different types of quality.  We only use the most expensive surgical 316L grade which is highly resistant to essential oils and is also lead and nickel free making it a great choice for people who are sensitive to jewelry metals.

Stainless steel is also much stronger than many other types of metals being used for diffuser necklaces.  This is the reason that stainless steel aromatherapy necklaces are more expensive than other types of metal.  This also ensures a long life span and a continued polish shine.

Fake Stainless Steel Diffuser Necklaces

It's very important you know who you're buying your products from.  Today, there are many sellers from over seas who are selling very cheap quality and cheap made diffuser jewelry while listing them as being 316L stainless steel.  Many of these sellers have never used essential oils and don't understand their effect on certain types of metals which can result in skin irritations.

All of our essential oil jewelry is not made from stainless steel.  We have some styles that are made from a zinc alloy and plated with rhodium.  Rhodium is lead and nickel free as well as resistant to essential oil.  This is a much cheaper type metal which allows us to sell it for much less than our stainless steel necklaces.

This includes our Love Hope and Faith locket as well as the Blossom locket.