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Buy Essential OilsThat big picture at the top of this page is some of our essential oils from MANY different companies over past few years so we can tell you from experience what oils have worked best for our family.  Below, we have compiled a list of places to buy essential oils and our personal recommendations as well as essential oil coupons, discounts and special promotions.

The number one question we get asked is:  Are there differences in quality of essential oils?

Answer: Without a doubt, the answer is YES.

There is a huge difference in quality of essential oils.  Pain management is a major issue within or family and essential oils have changed how it's dealt with entirely if the right essential oils are used.  We never recommend buying dirt cheap essential oils from Amazon and especially grocery stores and local department stores where they serve more of a fragrance than an oil.  These so-called essential oils normally contain fillers and chemicals that will do more harm than good if used internally or topically.

Does It Matter Where You Buy Essential Oils?

For 3+ years we have been asked by our customers where to buy essential oils locally or online that are both high quality and affordable.  We're not going to give you a complete list of top essential oil brands or reputable essential companies.  In fact, we're not going to say “This essential oil company is the best”.  Instead, we want you to know that you do have options when purchasing high quality essential oils.

It can be a challenge to find top quality essential oils as the Internet and local stores near you are all trying to cash in on the trend of aromatherapy with many not knowing anything about it or the quality they selling.

While we have used and even recommend essential oils from both Young Living and doTERRA, we understand that many not want to be part of a Multi-Level Marketing company so we found several alternative essential oil companies as well that we know you are going to love who provides quality aromatherapy products.

Where To Buy Essential Oils

Jade Bloom http://www.jadebloom.com – Great quality at one of the most affordable prices you will find online.  Jade Bloom offers a great selection of essential oils, blends and other products as well as an online video education center to learn about essential oils.

Barefut http://www.barefut.com – Another great alternative with amazing prices.  Carries the most popular essentials and offers frequent discounts and free items with purchases.

Plant Therapy http://www.planttherapy.com – Huge selection of essential oils for adults and kids.  Great quality and prices are affordable.

Buying High Quality Essential Oils

Buying essential oils does not have to be a difficult task although knowing the places that sell the best essential oils can be a challenge to find.

A few companies such as Young Living and doTERRA  offer high quality oils along with a MLM and discount program that can actually save you a lot of money.  A MLM or multi-level marketing program gives you the option to join a local group of essential oil users to build a business sharing essential oils with others.  This can be very rewarding if you are highly committed and motivated, otherwise, you may lose out.  To earn rewards, bonuses and additional discounts, you normally are required to spend a certain amount every month on essential oils.

Facts on Essential Oil

Did you know that essential oils are not regulated by any governing body?  Because of this, companies can label their bottles of essential oil as 100% pure and organic therapeutic grade essential oil when in fact both are very deceptive.. let me explain.

If a company fills an essential oil bottle with 5% pure essential oil and the remaining 95% with other types of oils and fillers, they can put a label on their bottle saying it's 100% pure essential oil.  What they're really saying is that there's 100% pure essential oil in the bottle and it's recognized by that particular company as being therapeutic grade but what they don't tell you is that it's only 5% and the rest is filler!  Therefore, what you thought was a cheap price to pay for a bottle of essential oil was really an overpriced bottle of fillers that has literally no benefits at all other than a nice smell.

Here are some facts to give you more perspective on why some essential oils are so costly:

    • It takes nearly 30 lbs of lavender to make a 15ml bottle of oil.
    • It takes around 60 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of oil.
    • It takes nearly 105 pounds of rose petals to make just one 5mL bottle.
    • It takes nearly 63 pounds of melissa to make just one 5mL bottle.

While many may disagree, there is a major difference in the effects of essential oils on the human body based on the quality of an essential oil.  There are many factors that play a part in the end result of an oil including:

    • The farming land and were pesticides used
    • What time of year the plant was harvested
    • What time of the day the plant was harvested
    • How long the plant remained before being distilled
    • How the plant was distilled
    • How many times the batch was distilled
    • Exposure to heat, light and oxygen
    • How the oil is bottled and what it's bottled in

So next time you see a bottle of essential oil that seems too cheap to be true.. just think about what it takes to make that bottle and know it's most likely filled with carrier oils.

It's a shame so many companies today are selling essential oils and they don't have a clue of their real effects on the human body.  As the popularity of essential oils continue to sky-rocket, there are more sellers and businesses everyday offering their brand of cheap, diluted and chemical filled essential oils as they try to profit from one of the fastest growing trends in years.

Unknown to the average user who buys these cheap versions of essential oils, they are filling their bodies with chemicals and highly diluted oils that are actually doing more harm than good.  For this reason, most bottles of essential oil you find in retail stores and online will tell you not to ingest and only use topically or to diffuse as they are also aware that they can cause harm to your body.

The fact is, essential oils have existed since the beginning of time through plant extracts and while many will tell you that ingesting them can harm you, they are absolutely wrong for it that were true, you should not eat even oranges or lemons.  Most essential oils are safe to ingest and even recommended to do so from the companies that offer real, pure essential oils.

Before the age of technology, essential oils were used in place of today's modern medicine.  The Bible speaks of wise men bringing baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Even over 2,000 years ago essential oils such as frankincense and myrrh were one of the most prized possessions to have along with gold.  Over the past few years many are rediscovering the potential of essential oils and it's changing the way they live.